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What is cecibot?

cecibot is a bot that helps you circumvent censorship through the channels of everyday communication such as e-mail, Telegram, Messenger, and so on.

The idea behind cecibot is the observation that even under the most repressive regimes, people do need to communicate with others, both within and outside of the country. cecibot is trying to exploit this fact by making use of those communication channels to circumvent censorship, which are much harder to control or shutdown, when controlled by 3rd parties.

How cecibot works?

When you request a URL from cecibot, it will either

The advantage of creating PDFs (as opposed to taking screenshots) is that the web-page will be preserved as it is: with text being selectable and links being clickable.

In the future, cecibot will extract the multimedia content from specific web-sites such as YouTube, SoundCloud, LiveLeak, and so on, but currently it will only create a PDF of them.


E-mail is the cockroach of the communication tools: it's everywhere and it never dies. If you have any secure means to access to your mails (HTTPS access to your webmail [usually indicated by a small green padlock at the address bar of your web browser] for instance), you should be able to use cecibot relatively safely.

Send an e-mail to bot@cecibot.com with the URL of the web-page or file you request in the subject, and cecibot should reply you within few minutes.


Telegram is used extensively in Iran to fill the lack of WhatsApp and Messenger, and in many other places around the world for various reasons. Telegram offers easy-to-use APIs for developers to develop bots and cecibot works smoothly on it.

Send a message containing a URL to @thececibot on Telegram.

Security & Privacy


Keeping cecibot afloat costs me around $17 per month (on top of all the effort spent & risks taken), and I'd gladly appreciate any contribution that can help me keep the infrastructure running.

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